Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I do have a blog coming, I promise. It's been crazy since my last post. I've got a multitude of excuses:
  1. We were gone for 5 days. (Which did provide blog fodder... I'll get around to it.)
  2. Nathan was sick while we were gone, and he's still a bit "off" and wanting attention.
  3. My grandpa had a stroke the day after we got back, and has been in the hospital ever since.
  4. Jacob is getting sick and has been cranky.
  5. Jacob hasn't been sleeping at night for the last week - up every two hours for a half hour at least - so I haven't been sleeping well.
  6. So I've taken naps on the three days that I actually have had free time.
  7. We are in the middle of refinancing our house, so it seems like I'm endlessly on the phone, comparing numbers, or otherwise mulling the situation.

Are those good enough excuses?


Lisa said...

Things seem to crop up every moment, don't they? I think any mom would totally get that. Great blog!

The Other Rachel said...

Yes, good enough excuses. But I've missed you.