Monday, July 27, 2009


Last Wednesday marked three months 'til my due date. I'm only six months along?? On the bright side of that, I'm 2/3 of the way there, and the last two months have absolutely flown by. So what's three more?
I'm not miserable, just anxious already to meet this baby! I swear, it moves more than Nathan ever did. Nathan would have an active day or two, but then have a couple days where he seemed to sleep it off. But this one is moving and rolling and tap dancing all the time, it seems. When I lay in bed reading, my belly is constantly undulating and jumping. It makes me wonder what he (she) is doing in there! I'm anxious to find out what kind of personality this indicates.
My check-up last week went well. No anemia, no diabetes. (Not that I was really that concerned.) My not good news: there's nothing I can do about the disgusting veins in my foot (I'm going to have to post a picture of them. Ick.), or about the my sore rib (I think I've had a cracked one for years, and it pops and "rubs" sometimes when I'm laying down, but it's gotten worse), or about the sore spot in my lower back (caused by my pelvis opening up). AND.... I have a hernia. I've suspected that for a while, but just remembered to ask her about it this appointment. There is a spot above my belly button that pooches out when I cough or try to sit directly up from laying flat. It doesn't usually hurt, but I don't want it to get any worse. My dad and my sister have both had a hernia there, and had to have surgery to fix it, so I know in reality that's probably where I'm headed. Unfortunately. I just hope during labor nothing else pops out there (gross thought), and that maybe after Baby is born and my stomach muscles aren't being stretched apart, I can kind of get them back in shape and avoid surgery, at least for a while.
I'm hoping the next three months go by quickly. The garden is going good, and we're re-planting some crops for a fall harvest, so it should keep me busy clear up to my due date (or the first frost - whichever comes first). I couldn't have asked for a better summer to be pregnant - this weather is perfect! (Most weeks have been in the upper 80s, some low 90s.) I still don't go outside much during the day, but I can work outside in the morning and evening and not be miserable. It's actually enjoyable in the evening, rather than how it usually is: "I have to go work outside, but I'd rather be inside in the a/c" (those nights where it doesn't get out of the 80s).
I just looked at the radar, and it looks like we're going to have some rain soon. I really need to get another couple rows of green beans planted before the rain, so I guess this ends my blabbing for this round.

I'm huge. I've gained 30 pounds already, so my goal for the last trimester is to simply maintain. Bring on the garden veggies!

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