Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Boy Bed

The pillows and stuffed animals on the floor are in case he falls out, since we don't have a rail.
Since Nathan had started crawling out of his crib, we knew it was time for a real bed. A/I didn't want him falling off the crib when he was crawling out, and B/ I didn't want him tearing the crib apart by using it for a jungle gym.
So Friday we went to our local furniture store and picked him up a twin size matress set. Since we would have to buy a bed anyways, we decided to skip the toddler bed, since he'd only be able to fit in it for a few years. (His crib also converts, but we'd just be delaying the inevitable, since in October he'd be getting evicted either way.)
I'd also like to point out that we priced matresses at Nebraska Furniture Mart's website (supposedly the best deals around). The one we bought in Ottawa was only $15 more, which we would have easily spent in time and gas just going up there - IF they even had it in stock! Bigger stores aren't always better bargains.
We set up the matresses in his room, then put him down for his nap in the crib. Later, after he woke up, I got the bed made with sheets and matress protector and all. I thought we'd give him a few days to get used to seeing it in his room before we tried to make him sleep in it. When we took him up to go night-night, he wanted the big bed. We both thought he'd just want to jump on it, but he crawled up and laid on the pillow. So we covered him up, said prayers, and came downstairs - fully expecting him to be up and about in a manner of minutes.
Not a peep all night.
Last night was the fourth night he's been in the bed, and we haven't had a problem with him getting out of bed at night, or even falling out. A couple of those nights he woke up, but he was still laying in bed when we went to check on him. He gets out of bed in the morning when he's ready to get up - one morning I hadn't heard him wake up, but he started knocking on his door saying, "Daddy.... Daaaadddyyyyy...." Yesterday's nap was the first time we had any problem with him, but that's because he'd fallen asleep at noon while we were in the car (for about 45 minutes), so he'd had enough of a nap to take the edge off, so that by 2:30 when we got home and put him to bed, he wasn't tired enough to fall right asleep. After the third time of him getting up, we brought him down.
I wish all transitions would be this easy! Our next one is potty training.... But we'll save that for after the new baby. (Unless he decides to do it on his own - wouldn't that be nice!)

The Munchkinator himself in all of his glorious boyishness - dirty face, bloody nose, and all. I love him!


The Other Rachel said...

Hurrah for successful transitions!

And cute picture. What a sweet face!

Doug or Janice Rhodes said...

Love the picture!!!!!!!! And the person..... and his parents.. Thanks for letting us keep him last week. This week has been rather quiet.....