Currently Reading

I made a New Years resolution this year to not read fiction until I had read through the complete Bible.  Not that there's anything wrong with fiction, but it just tends to suck me in.
And you know what?  The Word of God has sucked me in.  I am excited to read the Bible!  I would usually read a fiction book to go to sleep at night, but now I read this:

NLT One Year Chronological Bible, Large Print Hardcover
It's the whole Bible, arranged as it happened historically.  So Jonah and Hosea's prophecies are in the middle of the account of the kings of Israel.  David's psalms and Solomon's proverbs are included in their narratives.  And it's in a very readable translation.  In short: I am loving it.  I am about two weeks ahead at this point, because I don't stop reading at the recommended daily amount - I read until I am tired, just like I would have done with a fiction book.  Sometimes it's one page.  Sometimes it's twenty.  It's giving me a whole new perspective on Biblical history.
I'm already looking forward to going through it again!